Setting Boundaries

Jan 16, 2015

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week!

This week, I was talking to a friend of mine about how sometimes I set boundaries in my head, but forget to tell other people where the line is. And then I have a tendency to get mad that they couldn't read my mind and know about the rules I made up in my head.

I blame George for a lot of the funny things that I do. I don't know this one is entirely his fault, though. But he does have that fear of rejection thing going on. Sometimes a fear of rejection can prevent you from not only setting healthy boundaries, but also communicating them in a healthy way.

It helps a little bit if you think about "setting healthy boundaries" as "creating a douchebag filter." Because that's what it is. If you set a boundary, communicate it in a healthy manner, and someone gets mad at you for it.... guess what? Douchebag! The people who love you will respect your decision. As long as they know what it is!

Which brings me to communicating your boundaries! It's all in how you say it, and with the energy you're communicating with. Generally speaking, just about ANYTHING you say with an attitude of love will turn out for the best, in the end. Yes, sometimes you have to have an uncomfortable conversation, but if you can do it with love, it's going to bring about what's best for everyone. (Warning: every once in a while, what's best for you is not what you want. The Universe is kind of like broccoli in that way.)

Just be careful that you're not doing the thing that George did in the comic. When people don't know where the line is, you CAN get mad about it when they cross the line. But it's probably better to realize that it's your job to explain the rules, and THEN it's their job to play by them!

I hope that all makes sense!

Please like and share this if it has helped you. And I would love to hear from you in the comments! How are you doing on setting boundaries in a healthy way?

Sending you all lots of love and a big hug!


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