The Three Day Rule (or, Why George Can't Have an iPhone, part 2)

Jun 19, 2015

Happy Fear Monster Friday everyone!

Have you ever wondered if you should call that person you like? Maybe you think the three day rule applies, and you don't want to appear too desperate?

George does that. I have a different philosophy though. It's actually something I picked up from my friend, Mastin Kipp, a long time ago. I believe that if you feel genuinely motivated by love to reach out to someone, then you should. It doesn't matter if you're dating or not. I mean, what kind of asshole would be turned off by a genuine expression of love anyway, right? (Answer: a BIG one! Run away!)

My good friend and unofficial dating expert Anita gave me the best dating advice EVER when we were still in college. She told me that when a guy acts like a jerk, "Just pretend it's an audition, and say NEXT!"

It's excellent advice, no matter your gender, or gender preference. Why waste time with someone who doesn't appreciate you?

Besides, the three day rule is just a form of game-playing. Anyone worth your time isn't going to play games.

I like to be upfront about how I feel. Saves me time, and a lot of energy trying to figure out what the other person is thinking.

So call! Or call in the next applicant for the job. ;-)


Sending you all love,




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